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On Tuesday i woke up and took a shower. I wasnt feeling well so i decided to give myself a breast self exam. Unfortunately i found a lump and saw some swelling. They have been hurting for a month. I kept making excuses. My period, I am fertile… But after all that, they were still hurting. They started hurting more and my nipple looked lopsided.  So i went to the doctor and she seen the same thing that i saw. Needless to say she sent me for a Sonogram and Mammogram. Let me tell you, that mammogram hurt like hell. Your breast is a pancake. lmao. But i had the Sonogram. I will keep my blog readers posted. I get the results this week.


My point is this: You have to be careful. We take life for granted.. It could be just a cyst, or cancer or nothing… I just want to feel better, and the pain to stop. Period. Get tested. For everything, no matter what. period. Love and Peace

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So my ex and I have finally started speaking after 4 years to co-parent for the sake of our daughter.. I guess feuding parents do not see that when your children figure out how to manipulate a situation, they will. Our daughter too advantage of the fact that we do not speak. She started to lying to both of us and we didnt know the wiser… I broke the code of silence and contacted him in reference to one of her lies. It was a slow process but we was both there for her today for her first class of gymnastics. We stood next to each other and actually cracked a joke or two. He beat the shit out of me once… Destroyed my ankle to the point that i am going to therapy now for it… He did that 8 years ago… He also punched me in the face in 2009. My point is i let it go… WHen there arent any feelings involved, and for the love of the child, you should be able to co-parent and let go of the hatred. Laila looked very happy today… And that is all that matters.. As long as we get along. Have a great day.

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Fathers Day

Happy fathers day… to all the real fathers on the planet… Not the ones that only pay child support and think they are doing something.. WHat would the world be if all the mothers of the world did that? Decided, heres ur kid, heres some money peace out. The men would cuss us… Just like we cuss them. I do know some single fathers…But they always find some chick that falls in love with the child and help them… Mothers do too, sometimes… We,, people like me are too busy being judged but thats another story… Back to the facts, Happy fathers day to the real fathers out there, that actually are around their children and care… Hats off. And to the women like me,,,, Happy Fathers day as well

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How many of us have them?

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Good Things….

Good things DO HAPPEN to good people.. It is very very hard to focus on the good things while all the bullshit piles up on your lap. I was stressed out about My Laila having adhd.. and have decided to refrain from medication for now… I am going to try and use natural methods, vitamins and so fourth… I spoke to my daughters brother who also suffers from it, and he a child, gave me some really great tips… I dont want Laila to lose herself. I enjoy her beautiful soul… Wish me Luck… Have a great day

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I KNOW IT HAS BEEN AWHILE! But i am saying Hello.
I have a lot on my plate as of lately and i am trying to handle everything in a timely fashion. But right now, i would like to talk about a MOTHERS INTUITION. My youngest daughter Laila has always been my shining star. She is what i call My gorilla artist. She can take whatever and make art out of it. But there was always something off to me about My Laila… Her tantrums were another level. Her focus was Nil. If she had to sit long enough, she would just fall asleep. At first i just kept dismissing it as she is a kid. But now she is 9, and it is catching up to her. She cant focus in school… Her grades are suffering…. And she is starting to feel like an outsider. “Whats wrong Stinky?” my nickname for her, ” Nothing, I just dont remember.” When she was younger she NEVER remembered peoples name. She would ask you ten times that same day “WHATS YOUR NAME AGAIN?” It was so cute then, now…. Not so cute. Smh…. So as a mother, I asked her school to evaluate Laila… WHy? Because her grades are suffering, and they are considering leaving her back. The big STATE exam is coming up, and i feel deep in my heart, Laila is going to fail and get left back for sure… Before the evaluation, the school and I made sure Laila got her tutoring, resource room and whatever else they could offer… Laila was being pulled out of class 4 times a week. Nothing. No real progress. So finally the evaluation comes along and yeah….. She has a learning disability. I couldnt be heart broken for something i already knew…. Its when i decided to take her to a neurologist is when my heart broke. He evaluated her and diagnosed my baby with ADHD. I accepted the diagnosis because i seen all the signs… probably was in denial. Lailas is bad once it starts affecting the schooling… I know what you guys are saying DONT DRUG HER UP!!! I am going to tell you all this…. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Albuterol is a cause of ADHD… Did you know that? NO! But when your child cannot breathe, thats the first thing the doctors pump them with. The side effects of that are crazy, but we still give it to our children. SO I ASK YOU, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? The doctor said you cant have therapy without the meds and you cant have meds without the therapy… So now what? I am not on any drugs, but i can tell you this, i am a hot mess over this. I cry for her. Because kids are cruel…. and nasty.. And other people will not have patience for her. My other children are annoyed by her… Because of her actions due to the ADHD. I explain to them they have to exercise patience with her… Its hard… And my road will be long… I am asking you for understanding…. Understand my situation. And i pray i learn as well……

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Leo Women

Leo women are born from July 23 to August 22. They are warmhearted and make excellent wives and mothers. If they overcome their tendency to despondency, there is no limit to their considerable talents. Leo women have birthdays from July 23 to August 22. They are extremely warm hearted and sympathetic. They love their roles as wives and mothers, and often do not seek employment outside the home. When they do, they are far better suited for mental labor rather than manual labor. They seem to inspire hope to all who come in contact with them. For that reason, they are skillful nurses and members of the clergy. By nature, Leo women are very independent and resent being commanded. They have a keen sense of judgment and rise well to the challenge of leadership roles. Leo women can adapt themselves readily to a wider range of circumstances than women of any other sign. They find it more agreeable to plan their work than to execute the details it involves. Like the lion that represents Leo, they are fond of luxury, warmth, and ease. This does not mean they’re lazy, but what they do is usually through inspiration, or when the mood strikes them. Yet when necessary they display unbound fortitude and great courage while doing what they need to do promptly and effectively. They are secretive and great at keeping a “poker face” so others are not aware of their true thoughts. Leo women have great respect for law and authority but, because of their fire sign, must guard against being hot-headed so they do not get in trouble with the law. Leo women cannot bear to be neglected by the men they love. “Love me or I die” could be their motto. They need to take caution against young or hasty marriages. In most instances it is advisable that they wait until they are well settled in life before marrying someone of equal social and intellectual standing. These wonderous women have the greatest love for their family. In the rearing of their children they use their great wisdom and do not rely heavily on advice from others. Mothers of this sign are gentle and tender and display great ferocity toward those who cause their children any grief. The sign Leo rules over the heart. Their diet should be wholesome and meals should be quiet, orderly, and calm. Temperate habits and a harmonious home life are essential to the health and happiness of Leo women. When this doesn’t happen, heart problems can result. However, these women have great vitality and can soon recover from many serious ailments. Despite their considerable talents, Leo women must guard against despondency and depression. When these appear, it is best to sum up faults and weaknesses. Self control is essential. Courage is there to look facts in the face and use self control to start anew with fresh resolves. They will never know true happiness and prosperity if they permit others to toss their emotions around without following their better judgment. The secret of success lies in their genial manner which enables them to keep in sync with those around them. When they conquer their faults, there is no limit to the wonderous things Leo women can do. The Leo personality is known to be the performer or actor or actress of the zodiac. Leo is a fire sign and their ruling planet is the sun. Leos are usually warm, loving and generous. Their kind gestures comes from their big hearts. Leos can be very attentive to others, and usually shower others with bountiful approval and compliments. Ruled by the sun, Leos possess a lovable, childlike playfulness and a strong need for creative self expression. Leos often have trouble with vanity and pride. They sometimes find it hard to admit that they are wrong. Leos can easily compensate for any failings by their sunny personality, sense of fun and genrosity. These friendly people are ideal partners for social events, parties and long holidays. Leos have remarkable leadership skills, which usually brings them to positions of authority. Leos take charge naturally, they may be mistaken as being bossy. However, they will work hard to fulfill their responsibilities, and they make excellent managers and leaders. Lions are known for their courage and would much rather play a strong and protective role for others than be weak and defenseless. Leos presume that others possess a sense of integrity similar to their own, and they are careful to keep their sense of self respect in any disagreement. Leos are very aware of the impressions they make on others. Being a fire sign, Leos are usually lively and enthusiastic but can be stubborn. Their creativity and sense of drama combine to make them great romantics. Leos love to love and be loved. You’ll know a leo when you meet one, their dynamic personalities will leave a lasting impression.

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I am alive and kicking….. I deactivated my face book account because i choose to live in the here and now… I started to notice that fb made people think they were popular, most lovable, rich and balling, and fake. They got alot of haters all of a sudden. Lmao at haters. These people dont have a pot to piss in and no real life, no real friends and irresponsible. I chose to live. Fb is not living. Its a way to keep in touch but did you notice how much new best friends people make from face book? What were you doing before? Playing with 20 cats and eating cake batter? Smh. Anyway real life has a hold on me right now and i rather live in the live not digital… No drama from my end just decided to switch it off. And it feels great. Lets get back to actually taking pictures to print out not post on face book! Lets get back to loving the people we actually know not the people we met on facebook. Anyway… I love u all and thank u for your patience.. Next blog is about the genetic ways we screw our children by mating with assholes with no IQ! Muahz

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Step Parenting

Good morning! Believe it or not its rough being a step parent. Even if ur not legal married, but u live together, ur playing the parent role. So what do u do if the kids an asshole? Do u treat them like they are yours? Or ignore them til their biological comes home? I been there. The child ended being diagnosed with ADHD, Father use to beat the living shit out of him from frustration, kid blamed it on me. I vowed, NEVER AGAIN. U deal with yours and i will deal with mines. Wrong? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. A large part why I decided to say single. My ex punched my son in the chest once, I lost it on him. I don’t want anyone telling my kids nada. And i don’t want to deal with ur’s. Single is for me. So, what would you do? Have a blessed day!

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We mothers cont….

You must not shun the child Fathers. I as a mother, dont shun my children because u dont want to be there. I know all parties involved are angry, especially the men when courts are involved, but omg, the children! Are you going to let money come between this powerful bond you can have with your child? Be it one night stand or relationship, the children didnt ask to be here. its crazy that u and some moms can allow greed to cloud a judgement. When everyones in court fighting, where are the children? The streets are raising them. Then we cry. Im healing, learning, praying. Every single day. When we learn that some things are worth more then cash, then we can rise as a people. WAKE UP.

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